Speed up the workday with a constant reminder of a favorite memory, or warm up your home office with a family photo.
For more effects, please see our photo effects collection and chose "Mouse Pads" as your printing option.
Picture of Mouse Pad - Cork Board effect
Catch the "Cork Board" effect in a mouse pad that’s sure to make everyone smile at home or office.

$15.75 (USD)

Picture of Mouse Pad - 3D Basic effect
Enhance your favorite photo with our 3D effect – perfect for a mouse pad that makes everyone smile at home or office.

$12.90 (USD)

Picture of Mouse Pad - Magic Light effect
Catch the "Magic Light" effect in a mouse pad - perfect at home or office.

$19.10 (USD)

Picture of Mouse Pad - Water Reflection effect
Place your favorite 2-3 photos "on a lake" - a collage printed as mouse pad, best choice for home or office decor.

$19.90 (USD)

Our Philosophy

Our Features

Top 10 Reasons to have Pixel Pole turn your favorite photos into unique masterpiece!

• Quality – We provide you with samples for each of our items, so you can easily see both: the original picture and how the result turned out. All of our sample designs are custom-created in our art studio from real pictures of our most consistent clients, real pictures as yours.

• Value – there is no other advanced photo editing with prices as we have – guarantee! Designs automatically done by computer, with no artistic work involved start at 100$ per photo, while at Pixel Pole prices starts as low as $7.


• Pixel Pole is the place where you can add the most spectacular effects and enhancements to your digital pictures before printing them as canvas, photo-books or any other photo item...

Printing Services
Pixel Pole will offer printing services. No more having your photos enhanced in one place and printed in other. Pixel Pole will be doing a complete job for you.

Your Own ABC’s Book!
New Photo Book. Learning the alphabet is guaranteed to be fun with our customizable ABC Book