Referral - The Program for Our Members

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Referral – The Program for Our Members

The referral program is dedicated to all our members, who want to receive free products or discounts from us. Start earning credits today by referring and promoting Pixel Pole’s services to your friends! How the Referral Program works?

You promote us  è  We sell  è  You Get Credits from US

Once you become Pixel Pole’s Member and you have an account, you automatically receive a referral number. You can always log on to your account at and see your referral number and other information.

All you need to do is to share our website address along with your referral code with friends, family or anybody that you think might be interested in our services. You will see “recommend to a friend” buttons all over our website: in the product’s details, in the My Account webpage and in the Business page / Referral Program Tab. By clicking on one of these buttons you can send an e-mail of recommendation containing your referral number and a link to our website. When your friend becomes a member, by clicking onto the link received from you, your referral number will be automatically filled out into your friend's account, so we can track your revenue and your friend does not have to memorize anything.

Spread the news to maximize people's awareness and you will get credits to spend at Pixel Pole, this way you can shop for free on our website.

For anybody entering your referral number as their referee, when creating an account at Pixel Pole, you will receive, a credit of 20% of the total cost of their first order . As a member and referee,  you can log onto your account on our website and always verify your total credits at that moment. Your revenue adds up fast as credits and only after Pixel Pole receives payments from customers that you referred.

There are no commitments and you can make as many referrals as you would like. Other restriction may apply. For more details you can contact us by e-mail at or directly online on our website.

Get started today and earn money as credits by promoting Pixel Pole!


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