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Sample of photo transformation
Picture of Multiples
Picture of Multiples



Three of me!
$31.90 (USD)
In order to get similar photo transformations on your own pictures when you add this project in shopping cart, you will be invited to upload your original photo files.
Customer actions:
• submit 2 or 3 similar photos from a series of pictures* (studio photos recommended);
• write title (1-4 words) in the comment area.
The subject is extracted from 2 or 3 similar pictures from the same series of similar pictures* and all of them will be placed on the same background. Tones will be adjusted, shadows created for a more realistic look. This effect comes with a 3D title (1 – 4 words). Please write all the necessary text in the customer comment tab and make sure your spelling is checked.

* Best pictures for this effect are those which are done specially for this effect, where the main subject is positioned in different planes when pictures are taken, if possible interacting with each other keeping in mind the end result. But at least , your pictures need to have similar qualities (as lighting and exposure) like the pictures taken in the same location and time, successive, as the pictures from the same series of pictures.
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